Video instructions and help with filling out and completing what is a nominal consignee

Instructions and Help about what is a nominal consignee

Hello friends welcome to let students see so we have already seen the basic concepts of a consignment we have seen journal entries we have seen valuation of stock we have also done three problem solves on the consignment accounting in today's session we are going to learn in consignment accounting with what will be the accounting effect if the goods are invoice at above the course Music now what is this when consignor send goods to consign e and cans any further saves the quotes it is quite possible that the designee knows the profit which is owned by the pensioner because when consignor send the goods if the cost of the boots is 100 and consignor send the goods at 100 rupees to consign e and khazzani save those goods at 125 then consign II know that that is the profit of 25 apiece so many a times it happens that consignor does not want to disclose the actual cost to the consign e organs I never wants to hide the hidest profit if the concern he knows the profit it is quite possible that consigning may enter into competition in future with the consignor and consign he directly purchase the goods from the other dealers and he himself say the woods in turn off on the agency basis so to avoid this provable competition got to hide the profit consignor might send the goods to consign e at a price which is higher than the in cost price which is known as invoice price so what consignor does consignor add some extra profit to the cost and send the goods at the invoice price now for example if the cost of goods to consignor is hundred rupees consignor might an ad 20 rupees profit and sends the woods to consign e at 120 rupees now this invoice price is not a selling price yet okay it is just the fries at which consignor transfer goods to the pan Johnny now for the consignor might cartel fans I need to see all those goods at 120 it says so consign even PU that he has received the boots at 120 maybe worse and xenon has already added the profit of wenting and consign e is instructed to save those books at 120 itself so consign evil not know how much profit is the consignor earning on this transaction or consignor might say that this 120 worth of goods you have to say that 150 so in that case consigning feels that is a profit of 30 rupees but instead consignor is earning a profit of 50 rupees because the cost was 100 in was price was 120 but the further selling price was 115 so consignor is earning a profit of 50 rupees but consignees team that there is a profit of only 30 rupees so for all this reason Kanchana what does come at times consignor does not want since i need to know the cost


How do you find out if a company is open to using a staffing agency to fill positions?
Get an introduction to the target company through a referral if possible.  A lot of the companies that retain us even talk explicitly about "no agency referrals" on their website.  There are times that going in through HR or their staffing org can be to your benefit but more often that not it helps to have a referral with a "VP" in their title to get you that introduction.  You might still be a long way from getting a fee agreement signed (retained or contingent) but you'll be a lot close than being one of the hundreds of agency recruiters leaving voicemails for the VP HR or Staffing Manager.
Are demurrage and detention charges to the consignee/shipper justifiable, if a port is congested and the situation is out of hands of the consignee/shipper?
This is one of the risks involved in trading, look to the INCO terms to governing the sale. Was the cargo insured, and up to what point and under which rules? Who is the assured party?Detention is more easily waived than demurrage. We must assume in your case the place of delivery and port of discharge are the same.There are times when a consignees have been able to secure release through informal means. Sometimes when the cargo’s value is less than the accrued demmurage/detention charges, consignees will allow the cargo to be auctioned off to satisfy the lien of the carrier and walk away from the trade.Generally, the best course of action is to immediately pay all accrued charges as quickly as possible as the daily charges can double or triple as times passes.Upon free time expiring, the rule is that once on demurrage…always on demurrage.
What is the best way to fill out a job resume with no work experience?
You are beeped about an opening that is the dream job you have been waiting for. What is next? You apply, qualify and grab the job. Wish it was as simple as writing or saying the above three words. There will be one or the problem that can be a hurdle to your job search. Say, this time it demands a relevance experience and you literally have no experience to justify it.Whether you are a career changer or a recent graduate with no internships under your belt to highlight, there are still a few things that would make you look as qualified as possible.Here are somethings that can help you get the job. These are:Transferable and Relevant SkillsWhen you do not have an experience to support your application, then it is always better to use a skill based resume. Instead of using the space to confuse the employer with irrelevant information, start with a skill based resume with relevant or transferable skills taking the most of the space of your resume.Try and identify the skills that you can use for the job you are applying to. If you have work experience then you can pick the skills you have developed from the previous experiences. As a recent graduate find skills that helped you through a school project successfully. Spot this section right under the education and qualification section in your resume.Related Side/Academic ProjectsDo not doubt your academic projects. They are fair game and definitely deserve a place in your resume. Similarly list down other side projects you must have done after college that are relevant to this job application. As long as you are labelling your work experience as project work, you are free to include as many projects as you think are relevant.A better way to include all your projects under one sub-heading that does not confuse the employer is by creating a separate projects section. It is a myth that only full time experiences can be listed on your resume. You can list whatever you think is relevant for this application.A Cover Letter That Displays Your EnthusiasmA cover letter is not a part of your resume, but makes a strong impact if it is included in your job application. Coupling a resume with a strong cover letter can add an edge to your resume. Especially when you do not have a strong experience section in your resume or you are trying to make a career change.Find a way to connect your passions and life experiences with the vision and mission of the company. Then in your cover letter only try and explain how this will help you hitting the ground once you are a part of the company. You will notice that this link will work for you well especially if you are a recent graduate.Also, a cover letter is the perfect place to build the ladder in between the skills you have learned and what the company needs.Getting into a new line of job is a hard work. You need to spend a considerable time of your resume so that even if you do not have the qualifications, you look qualified. The trick here is to work upon the projects and skills that make you fit for the job. It is okay to break the resume rules at times you are required to keep the hiring manger interested in you.Some Thumb Points to RememberIdentify the qualities that make you fit for the roleMake yourself look irresistible to the employerAll through the resume, speak the same language as you study in the job descriptionFormat your resume perfectly
What is the procedure to fill out the DU admission form? How many colleges and courses can I fill in?
It's as simple as filling any school admission form but you need to be quite careful while filling for courses ,don't mind you are from which stream in class 12 choose all the courses you feel like choosing,there is no limitations in choosing course and yes you must fill all the courses related to your stream ,additionally there is no choice for filling of college names in the application form .
In an interview process, they have asked me to fill out a survey asking how much my current base salary is. What should I consider as I fill it?
I will give you advice from my personal experience. It may or may not work for somebody else, but it does work for me. This is a tricky question, I know. You put a number too small, you risk appearing to not value yourself enough and may get less salary than the employer had initially considered. You put your number too high and you risk scaring off the potential employer as having unreasonable expectations. I  usually tell them that salary is just a number and it not a top priority, that I do not want to miss out an opportunity because of a number, and if both parties are very enthusiastic, we can find a reasonable amount (this is an honest opinion, for me salary is not the decisive factor). But many headhunters/recruiters are very insistent on knowing your "expectations". If you are asked directly about your current salary, you can top it off with a few grands ,) No harm in that, but not too much. If asked about your expected salary, I recommend doing a little market research. Visit several websites and find a reasonable number adequate to your new title/responsibilities. If you think you are better than the average (and there's 50% chance you are), you can top it off with a few grands as well.In your situation, since there is no negotiator, only you and the paper, I would recommend putting your salary, or if you find it too low, you can find an average salary on the market for people with similar experience, and put that number.