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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Informal entry

Instructions and Help about Informal entry

Formal and informal English Music how do you do what's up it is a pleasure to meet you nice to meet you at your earliest convenience as soon as you can concerned about you worried about you firstly to start with or for a start give my regards to say hello to have you heard from her lately heard from her lately have you seen Tom seen Tom I agree with my colleague Anna that Anna's right I would like to remind you that don't forget I appreciate your assistance thanks a lot in light of the fact that because it is my opinion that I think it is necessary for me to I need to it is not necessary for you to you don't have to it is recommended we recommend please accept our apologies for sorry secondly or besides another good thing is or what's more lastly and one of the best things is she has the ability she can the plan was implemented they put the plan into action our destination the place where we want to go it will cease to be a problem it won't be a problem anymore one grows weary in these matters I'm getting tired of this junk disappeared to rectify the problem this seemed to fix the problem your arrival when you arrived or when you get here please state your business what do you want or can I help you formal and informal English Music you we note that you have not you haven't we would like to we want to would you like me to shall I to consider to think about to distinguish to tell the difference this demonstrates this shows that we are in receipt of we've received revision should be done you should revise this will be of great benefit to you it will do you good how are you doing what's going on I am writing to inform you just a note to say I am afraid I will not be able to attend sorry I can't make it I am afraid your child is experiencing difficulty your kid is making trouble I look forward to meeting you next week see you next week I regret to inform you of I'm sorry to tell you that I was hoping that you could could you I would be grateful if you could reply early please get back to me ASAP I would be very grateful if you could could you or I'd really appreciate it if you could the experiment was carried out or performed they did the experiment thank you for your email of the 10th of March thanks for your mail on 10 March please let us know of your requirements what do you need people consume a tremendous amount of people use a huge amount of please let me know when you will be available let me know if we can get together I hope to hear from you at your earliest.


How can I get a Vietnamese visa on arrival?
Holidays or spending vacation out somewhere in a foreign land is one of the ways majority of tourists love to spend at. Spending vacation in a faraway place brings refreshment from a monotonous life. But sometimes it is not possible to spend a great amount of money on a luxurious trip and so few places that fit in your budget seem good. Vietnam is among one such place that is attracting tourists day by day. So are you up for holidays and looking forward to spend some quality time with your friends or family on a trip to Vietnam?Vietnam Visa is required for most of the foreigners for entry and exit from the three international airports of Vietnam, Da Nang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City.But one thing that you might be wondering is how to get Visa on arrival. Continue reading to know how can apply for Visa on arrival for Vietnam.How to Apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival:Things have been made much easier now for tourists as now you don’t need to bother about getting Visas before handed. Visa on arrival has made things much easier and worry free now. You just need to follow simple steps and instructions and you are done with the process.Visa on arrival application Form: Before departure tourists are advised to arrange for Vietnam Visa. For this they need to apply online for the “Approval Letter” first. Then they receive a letter by email, and then on their passports they get Visa stamped on arriving at Vietnam Airport. This is known as “Visa on Arrival”. You get the approval letter within two days.First you have to fill up the entry and exit form. You can complete the fill up process before arriving on Vietnam’s International airport to save time. Click the link here “Visa form” to download the PDF form and then take a print out to fill up. For photo requirements see the document notes.Tourist/Business Visa: First fill out this easy ‘’application form” online. For this you will need to know at which airport you will be arriving and also the arrival date.Next through online only you will have pay the servicing fee for Visa.Then within next two days after this you will receive an email of the official Approval Letter of Vietnam Visa, issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.Then download and print the Approval letter. According to noted instruction on the letter arrange two (4x6) cm photos of yourself.Then bring all of these photos, Approval Letter, and the stamping fee of the Government along with any other necessary documents and passport with on your Vietnam trip.Once you arrive at the destination on your allotted Vietnam airport, you have the show the approval letter and the photo at the Immigration office.Pick up Visa at the Airport: On landing you will get to see Visa on Arrival office or landing visa counter. Then hand over the passport, copy of the approval letter, and one stamp size photo of yours.Stamping fee that you need to pay is 25 for single entry, and for multiple entry $50. Then you get back your passport along with Visa.This is how you can get Visa on arrival for Vietnam. Once all the procedures are done enjoy a lovely trip to Vietnam. The process area easy and smooth so no worries just follow the above instruction carefully and go through them as it is said, fill up the form correctly and you are all done.
Should one take the IELTS exam first and then apply for Express Entry Program for Canada or apply first for the program and then, take the exam?
Hi,Express Entry Program for Canada is the standard program that Canada immigration offers for foreign migrants. For filing your application, you need to create your express entry profile.You cannot file your express entry application if you are not having your IELTS exam result with you. It is mandatory to appear in IELTS exam before you apply for Canada express entry. IELTS is a language (English) testing test. The candidate applying for express entry needs minimum 6 bands in each module i.e., speaking, listening, reading and writing. The exam has been mandate by the government of Canada as a basic eligibility requirement of language proficiency. This is because after you immigrate to Canada, you need to communicate-both verbal as well as written in the native language of Canada (English).A good IELTS score can give you a benefit of increased CRS score, thus increasing your chances of being selected from the Express Entry pool.To know more in this regard, you can contact our immigration experts at our toll free number 18001201602 or mail at info@aptechvisa.com today!
How does Path auto-fill the signup form with the user's information, when accessing the "me" card functionality is explicitly not allowed in iOS?
There is an undocumented key that can be used with the standard defaults to retrieve the phone number of the device. This can then be matched against entries in the address book to find the contact that is likely the phone's owner. The phone number in the defaults is not guaranteed to be correct and Apple will reject your app these days if you attempt this and it is noted in review.On the other hand another possible route is to take advantage of the fact that many iPhone owners do not change the name of the device from the default. The default name often contains the owner's first name in the form of something like: "Horselover's iPhone". You could then search the address book for the same first name. It is certainly not bulletproof, as common first names could yield duplicates and of course the user could have changed the device name easily.
What food is popular in your country, but unacceptable in other countries?
I consider Britain to be my second home so I’ll talk about some British cuisines that would be ‘unacceptable• in other countries, in the sense of not living up to a certain cultural standard that they might have.Sunday RoastIt’s unacceptable for a lot of cultures to overcook a roast beef like that and serve it with a gravy-like sauce. Vegetables are often over-boiled or over-steamed too.Yorkshire puddingOften served with the Sunday Roast, a Yorkshire pudding defies all definitions of what a ‘pudding• is for most cultures around the world, as much as I enjoy eating it myself.HaggisConsidered a delicacy in Scotland, but for many foreigners it tastes like gravel.Jellied EelsAnother British delicacy but from London. Very similar to the Japanese bean-based dish natto: locals might like it but most outsiders will detest how unappetizing it looks and how unsavoury it is.A British ‘Meal Deal’For those who are unfamiliar, a ‘meal deal• is a combination of products that you can buy from the large supermarket chains in Britain for lunch, often costing between £3–4. It comes most often with a sandwich, a salad, or a pasta as the main meal, some fizzy drink or juice, and a bag of crisps (chips) or a chocolate bar. Myself included, many foreign residents that I know in Britain dislike how tasteless and bland the sandwiches are and how annoying it is that you have to buy an unhealthy bag of chips or a bar of chocolate when you’d rather than a bigger, better meal.Beans on toastNot only is this an unusual combination, baked beans looks very unsavoury for many people who don’t grow up eating it.Bacon Sandwich, or Bacon ‘Butty’It’s plain, tasteless white bread with bacon in it and many foreign expats consider it to be the symbol of the boredom of many British cuisines. It seldom comes with any vegetables in it so it’s not the healthiest meal either.Mushy peasNo I don’t want mushy peas with my fish and chips, I want garden peas. Always garden peas.
Have you ever hired someone out of desperation to fill the job and found out later they were a superstar employee?
We had a data entry position in a new business, entering product information into a web site which was then transferred to the major supermarket chain’s databanks throughout America. This was so the products could be retailed. We had hundreds of products and each retailer had their own information preferences and quirks, it was tedious and unforgiving work. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars could be held up because of a misplaced digit or wrong code and success with the customers represented millions of dollars of new business. The previous employee pulled a no call/no show and disappeared. We needed someone who could enter these numbers accurately and fast.A kind of perky young girl with no relevant experience showed up and we talked for no more than ten minutes and she bounced out of the office. She was not dressed professionally, blue jeans if I remember correctly but she was full of energy. We decided to give her the job and see what happens. She did have a college degree but it was from a “Party” school and we have learned that a college degree does not necessarily mean much in business today.I trained her for around half a day and pointed her to some online webinars and basically said “see if you can figure out how to do this”. Soon she was entering information beyond what I was capable of doing, younger people are often better at understanding computer programs than people my age. Within 3 or 4 months we needed help and we hired another who essentially reported to her. A few months later we hired another for her to train and manage. All the while the product collections with the supermarkets were becoming larger and more complex, all of it running through the data entry points. She was slowly becoming the place operations went to find out “when does this order ship?”, “what products are on this program?”. She was almost running our company and doing it flawlessly and seemingly without effort. When stress levels rose she was the mature positive cool head among the rest of us with our 20,30 even 40 years of experience. Soon I began pushing to have her calling on some of the large accounts because the sales people just couldn't keep up with the complex changing information requirements, and before her first year was done she had visited most of the major accounts and was managing directly about a third of our business. She took her first airplane flight ever with us and within six months she was Frequent Flyer Platinum.It has been around a year since she started and who knows what the future will bring. I hope she stays and at some point is running the company, hell she might even be my boss someday, but I suspect her talents will draw her to something more lucrative and interesting.
How do I fill out the German student visa form?
There are three different type of German Student Visas:-Language Course Visa:- It is useful for those students who want to learn German language in the Germany.Student Applicant Visa:- Student still finding the right option for course and waiting for the confirmation regarding the admission in the German Universities.Student Visa:- In this particular visa, student has already been invited by the German Universities.It is very easy to fill out the German Student Visa Form, as it includes only the basic information related to the student, Germany and courses.Surname Family NameSurname at BirthDate of BirthPlace of BirthCountry of BirthCurrent NationalitySexMarital statusAddress with parents nationality and nameNational Identity NumberType of Travel DocumentNumber of Travel DocumentsDate of issueExpiry DateIssued byStudents home and email addressTelephone numberResidence in Nationality of another countryCurrent OccupationLast Employers or Last Education detailsMain purpose of the GermanyMember state of the destinationMember state of the entryNumber of entries requestedDuration of planned staySchengen visa issued earlier or notFingerprint used earlier or notEntry permit for final countryIntended date of arrivalIntended date of departure from Schengen countryName of inviting person or hotelTravelling or Living costFamily member address with EU, EEA or CU citizen.Place and DateSignature of the student
What did you do after getting recommended from SSB?
What did you do after getting recommended from SSB?It was this day of 02nd July at SSB Bhopal when in second and last attempt I was recommended for training at OTA. Six months back, I was rejected at SSB Allahabad.When I was in the list of selected candidates, it was the biggest feeling of achievement. I had worked on it since last seven years. I had joined in the ranks of Indian Navy seven years back. After completing two years of basic training as Naval boy, I ventured onto realisation of alleviating my career from rank to Officer. I took admission for graduation as external candidate. I used to sail on board warship. I used to perform six hours duty and in next six hours of rest, I used to study for three hours and sleep for three hours. When i was in last year of the graduation, I attempted both simultaneously, the CDS exam and final year. I Passed both but got rejected in SSB. I had come to Allahabad from Andaman islands for SSB. Having been rejected, I decided not to show face to my father and went back to port Blair to be back with unit. I had one more chance . This time again I passed CDS and made it at SSB Bhopal.As I found my name in the list, I kept the happiness hidden as there were other candidates who were depressed as they could not make it.The first call I made was to my Commanding Officer. He was waiting for the news. I could hear him making announcement on PA system in unit lines about my selection. He ordered me “ Last time after you failed at SSB Allahabad, you didn't go on leave. Now proceed on two weeks leave from Bhopal. Spend time with family. After leave report at Chennai. I will have you flew in air force cargo plane to Port Blair.”I picked up my bag and left SSB centre for railway station. There was some hours left for departure of the train. It was drizzling. I went and sat in solitude at Lake Bhojtal. Closed eyes and thanked god for having bestowed on me what I dreamt. On the way, found shop selling army uniform and accessories.Reached next day hometown of Aurangabad. Father and Mother were surprised at sudden appearance of me. I had smaller luggage. I used to always bring a defence made whiskey for father. This time I asked him to close eyes. I placed in his handIt took seconds for him to know what was it. He stood up like a young man and embraced me and started weeping. The joy of tears. The news was out in our village that someone first time is going to become officer in army. Two days later my birthday was celebrated amidst the entire village.I left after my leave was over. I reported back to Chennai. The CO had kept his promise.First time in life flew in air and that too in cargo plane.After two months, again the kind CO summoned me and asked me to pack up my bag and report to his office. He said “ I am sorry to inform you that your father has passed away. I am sanctioning you leave again. After rituals, report directly for training at OTA”. He personally dropped me at Port Blair Airport, never to be seen again later”.
What type of work does an entry-level consultant out of college do at top management consultancies like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Strategy& (Booz) etc.?
I can't speak to those 3 in particular, but I can say that at large consulting firms in general your work will vary a great deal according to your specialty and even more per project. However, the common themes are:Eliciting information from clients. You need to track down the right resources to gather data relevant to the problem and also opinions on how to solve the problem. Sometimes you also need to figure out what the problem is, but usually your engagement manager will tell you. One unspoken requirement is to discover any political constraints to the solution.Analysis of information to solve the problem. Usually your engagement manager will have picked you for the project because of your past experience with similar problems or because of your technical ability which is appropriate for the problem. Unfortunately, you sometimes get thrown onto a project without much relevant experience. In those cases, Google Search the topic and ask for help from your colleagues, not just those on the project, but anyone in the company who has time to tutor you over the phone.Presentation of solution to clients. This usually involves some Microsoft Office document -- PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visio. Your engagement manager will usually pryou with a template to fill out or mimic. You should pay close attention to detail when revising this. Word choice and document styling matter a great deal.In addition to the work you'll do while on a project, you will also have some time "on the beach" or "on the bench" (consultants love sports metaphors). During this time you are expected to volunteer for firm building activities such as coordinating social events, generating intellectual property, or whatever else your counselor might suggest. You might also get pulled onto a sales pursuit, which usually involves editing a PowerPoint presentation.An often overlooked (before joining the firm), but very important aspect of your job is internal networking. Being a consultant is somewhat like a perpetual job search. You are always competing with your peers to be staffed on the next project. Of course there are many factors about that process which you can't control, but you need to do as much as you can to be well-known and respected among the staffing coordinators and engagement managers.
How did the word "Bug" come about in computer programming?
In Sep 1945, Harvard University operators removed a moth fouling the guts of a primitive computer called the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator. They taped it to that day’s log book with the entry: “First actual case of bug being found.” Mark II was an early computer used in the US Navy. When the operators were using the computer to perform calculations, it gave the wrong results. To find out what was going wrong, they opened the computer and looked inside and there they found a moth stuck inside the computer, which had caused the malfunction!And thus started the story of bugs and debugging, which continues to fill the life of programmers with joy all over the world. Incidentally the term debugging was also coined at the same time, which literally meant taking the bug out of computer.Credits & more information@:Joy of Programming: Why is a Software Glitch Called a 'Bug'? - LINUX For You
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