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Instructions and Help about ace summary

I'd like to welcome everyone to the webinar titled ace question-and-answer forum today's webinar is sponsored by scar u which is Scarborough University was founded in 2006 with a mission to provide necessary relevant and continuing education to Scarborough employees clients and professionals engaged in international and domestic trade and logistics my name is Kevin extra and I am a licensed customs broker and certified custom specialist I have the privilege of being the vice president of sales and marketing for Scarborough International and it's an honor to be with you here today this is an interactive webinar and we are here to answer your questions so to submit a question you'll find a Q&A button at the top of your screen I ask that you so I ask that you find that Q&A button and then you start asking your questions we're starting to get some in right now but if you could spoil ahead and start answering or asking your questions right now that would be great please also note that you can easily adjust the windows that you're looking at I know most of you will want to have a close-up view of Adam and I here so if you click on above the video piece on your screen you can enlarge that or maximize that piece so that you can see Adam and I very very clearly we know that's probably what's most important there will be a couple slides but for the most part this is a Q&A for us to answer for you to ask your questions and get answers from us so while you are adjusting your screens and posting your questions and because the webinar is free I'll take a minute to introduce Scarborough I know my buddy Jeff is out there watching and he's gonna love this because he always he always best Scarborough is a full-service logistics company that has a that has been operating for over 31 years we are headquartered in the heart of America Kansas City where faith family and hard work make for a great organization we also have offices in Chicago st. Louis mine's Laredo Texas Nuevo Laredo Mexico and Shanghai China beyond our own offices we are part of a network of companies and that puts us in every country around the world in other words we're gonna take care of you okay so now let me go ahead and introduce you to our presenter today mr. Adam Hill I'm Adam as a licensed customs broker a certified custom specialist and a certified export specialist within the MBA Adam sits on the trade support network with US Customs and Border Protection and has been participating in ace since 2009 we are pleased to have Adam as a vice president of operations for both Scarborough International and Scarborough they make eco so and Adam let me um let me turn it over to you in just a moment I wanted to throw up there