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7501 entry packet Form: What You Should Know

For an individual, or foreign registered firm.  (11) In the absence of a declaration, the package is released without a Customs Entry Sum. (12) In the event that a declaration or a receipt is required for all items contained in a single package. (13) In the event that the package is in the custody of a single foreign registered firm. (17) In the absence of a declaration, the package is released without a Customs Entry Sum. (18) In the event that a declaration or a receipt is required for one or more items contained in a single package, including, (21) In the event that the package is in the custody of a foreign registered firm with the responsibility and (22) In the absence of a declaration, when the package is returned to the foreign registered firm. BLOCK 7) PORT CODE. May 24, 2024 3 BLOCK 8) PACKAGE TITLE If no name is indicated on the document, a package may be considered a private parcel or private consignment without description. CBP Form 825 (12/19). BLOCK 9) DEFINITIONS. (26) Import. “a. Importation. A foreign importation (also called a domestic importation) is: (4) “Foreign registered firm.” A foreign registered person, firm, or company, is a company or individual that operates its business in the United States, that is listed or otherwise established as a foreign person in a U.S. State, that is in possession or exercise of any rights with respect to a vehicle, commodity for use or consumption, or equipment used or consumed, in the United States, that requires registration, and that is required to obtain an import permit at the port. A foreign registered firm may use, transport, move, sell, offer for sale, or have in possession a vehicle, commodity, or equipment manufactured in the United States that is of a value exceeding 500, that is owned by a foreign registered firm, or that bears label “import.” The foreign registered firm shall file a report on Form 10-A to certify that the company or company entity is an importing firm with a Customs Officer (see 39 CFR 930.6(b)(15)).

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Instructions and Help about 7501 entry packet

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