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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What is a consumption entry

Instructions and Help about What is a consumption entry

Welcome to Excel magic trick number 348 hey if you want to download this workbook and follow along click on my YouTube channel and click on my College website link and you can download the workbook excel magic 344 to 348 a uh this is a little mini version of records for invoices so we sold ammount of the particular mouse the price was 120 we sold 20 of them the total was that amount now this is a database with records for invoices and on a separate sheet you could imagine you could have the stock this is the running total of inventory units on hand this is the total now I put these things onto the same sheet just to make the video easy but is there formula we could use it would always look at our invoice and I made it real short you know this database could have you know thousands of rows is there a formula we could put right here that every time we add a new record it will calculate the running total sure there is how about this equals whatever the total is - and we need some way of looking through this whole column finding all of the mouse ones then jumping over to this adding all of those up and subtracting them with the perfect function sum if the range now there's one two three arguments and I've done lots of videos on some if but this range right here holds the criteria this is a specific criteria obviously for the inventory it'll be mouse and then some range that's going to be the inventory that we want to subtract so range this one right here all the way down imagine if it was a thousand rows or whatever and then hit f4 comma what's the criteria relative cell reference right there and then comma the sum range now most people just go ahead and highlight the whole thing but by default some if is programmed to take whatever the number of cells here that is exactly the sum if determines how many to add up from this argument not this argument so all you need is the top one and I'm going to hit f4 because that's got to be locked close parentheses control enter double click and send it down sure enough it got 12 120 minus 20 this one got 1200 minus 12 for the total now let's go ahead and test it Mouse I better type it correctly and then I'm just going to put the quantity and sure enough that updates let's do one more camera you'd obviously want to have data validation here based on that to make sure and then I'll sell one so now 1999 all right there you have it we'll see you next trick.

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